Hariri meet with UN Secretary General

Prime Minister, Saad Hariri, visited on Tuesday Secretary-General of the United Nations, Antَnio Guterres, with talks focusing on most recent developments in Lebanon and the region as well as UN’s role in supporting Lebanon at all levels, notably in facing Syrian displaced crisis as well as ongoing preparations for “Brussels Conference on Supporting the Future of Syria and the Region.”

Following his meeting with UNSG, Hariri met with the Lebanese diaspora in Brussels in presence of Ministers Marwan Hamadeh, Mouin Merehbi, Pierre Bou Assi, Raed Khoury, Ghattas Khoury, as well as former Minister and advisor of Lebanese President, Elias Bou Saab.

The Premier said during a reception ceremony that Lebanon went through difficult times, “but we are taking clear steps today, we elected a President, formed a new government and we will reach soon a new electoral law.”

“We are democratic people and we have a cause,” PM Hariri pointed out.

“We are hosting 1.5 million Syrian displaced and I will clearly speak about this issue tomorrow during the conference,” he added.

“We call for the return of displaced Syrians to their homeland when the war ends.”

Lebanese Ambassador to Belgium also delivered a speech during the ceremony.

On another level, Hariri met with a delegation from the Future Movement in Belgium chaired by Mohamed Kassas over the situation in Lebanon, stressing the importance of moderation in the face of extremism.