About Odiaspora

ODiaspora was born of the suffering of Lebanese people scattered all over the world to find credible and reliable information about their motherland, in languages they can understand.

There is a plethora of sites in Arabic, though inaccessible to a population that is attached to its native country but does not master the Arabic language or know it at all. Moreover, even when the effort was made to translate the writings, misinformation was the watchword and journalists’ subjective interpretations created a serious diversion to reality.

A group of young volunteers, rooted in the love of Lebanon and residing in the four corners of the world, decided to launch this site to convey the true image of Lebanon, readily available in different languages. Currently, ODiaspora provides information in eight languages: English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Romanian, Spanish and Swedish. Other languages ​​are coming on their way.

This site will be useful to all Lebanese in the diaspora, as well as all friends and supporters of Lebanon. It will also be available to decision-makers and leaders of foreign public opinion, (parliamentarians, officials, journalists, etc.) as a reliable source of information.

We are committed to transmitting information from Lebanon without decryption or manipulation, and providing explanations and analyses when necessary, to understand what is happening in the Land of Cedars. We are also dedicated to highlight the successes of the Lebanese in the diaspora and strengthen the links between them and the country of their ancestors.

Like the cedars, Lebanon has always endured due to the resilience and loyalty of its people, wherever they are in the world. Let us speak well of our country, let us spread its beautiful image everywhere and remember that our beautiful homeland is a “holy land”. Let us remember above all, that we are branches of this timeless cedar whose thousand-year-old roots are buried in a pretty corner of the east that God called Lebanon.

ODiaspora Team