For a better Lebanon..Make Your Vote Count!

By Dr. Elie Haddad

We are voting for the first time in the diaspora for the first time on the 29th of April.

I understand all those who were expecting more of the candidates of ‘Tayyar’, more from the past 18 months of the presidency of General Michel Aoun. Before you place your choice in the ballot box, ask yourself a few useful questions that will help you in making your choice:

  1. What have all those who are representing themselves today done while in power for the last 20, 30 years or more for some? What have they done for Achrafieh? For the mountain? The north? The south?
  2. What can these candidates so called “civil society”, divided, spread out, infiltrated, without a real project aside from the fact of easy criticism and utopic ideas as if we were living on Mars.

Despite all that, no one can deny all that has been done by the ministries that were held by the ‘Tayyar’, master plans never before done in Lebanon and projects now real. Our overseas votes is but an example, however huge, that would have never seen the light if it were not for the perseverance of the Ministry of Foreign affairs. No one can deny the exploits of the presidency of the General, in 18 months, which would be the minimum accomplishments in an ordinary country, issues that were denied to the Lebanese up till now: security, budget, nominations, and exploitation of natural resources…

We want more and that is legitimate.

In order to be able to do more, to reinforce the action of the president Aoun, we need a large and powerful presidential majority. It`s a rule of thumb in a democracy, in Lebanon, in France or elsewhere. It is even truer here in Lebanon since the “Taef” accord.

This majority is only attainable through your vote. It is represented by the candidates on the lists of “The Strong Lebanon” (لبنان_القوي#), that your votes will render parliamentarians, in a presidential majority and in force that will transform our dreams into reality.