(Video) LAF Commander Aoun Salutes Lebanese Soldiers and announces the Victory

Lebanese Army Chief, General Joseph Aoun announced on Wednesday, from Baabda’s Presidential Palace, that the (Fajer-el Jouroud) “Dawn of the Outskirts” battle has ended with a big victory to all Lebanese.

“The battle has achieved its goals, namely the expulsion of Daesh (ISIL) and uncovering the fate of the military hostages. We feel sorrow for the painful end of our soldiers who were abducted by ISIL.”

The commander added and said, “There are still several challenges including the Israeli enemy, and terrorist sleeper cells.”

He explained the decision that was taken last Sunday at dawn, and saluted Lebanese soldiers over the decisive victory in Ras Baalbek and Qaa outskirts.

(For details Kindly watch the video)

Hala Hayek Najjar