Lebanon Breaks Guinness World Record for Hosting the Longest Party in the World !

Between August 28th at 7 p.m. and the dawn of August 30th, and under the patronage of Lebanon’s Ministry of Tourism, Lebanon successfully broke the Guinness World Record for longest continuous party, at 56 hours. The previous record was held by Dublin, Ireland and was set at 54 hours.

The event took place at Nurai, which is located in Monot. In order to accomplish this task, Guinness monitored the place for the set duration of time to make sure that it was in a “party” mode, continuously. Sure enough, Lebanon accomplished the task with artists, live bands, singers and DJs that were performing unceasingly, for the entire duration of the party.

Therefore, it seems that regardless of the situation in the Middle East and regardless of the turmoil that surrounds Lebanon and the region, Beirut’s nightlife has proven to remain as always the heartbeat of the Middle East.