Arslan: We failed to approve on modern vote law

NNA – Member of Parliament, Talal Arslan, pointed out during a press conference on Wednesday, that “we political components have failed to approve a modern electoral law”, blaming all parties for such a failure.

MP Arslan said that he joined the ministerial committee that was formed by Prime Minister, Saad Hariri, to seek solutions to the electoral laws.

“We took a decision at the cabinet on Monday under the presidency of President Michel Aoun and we announced that we will keep our meetings open,” Arslan underscored.

He confirmed that at the beginning of the meeting of the ministerial committee, “the intervention of Premier Hariri was courageous”.

“The committee’s meeting did not succeed despite my conviction that it will, all the political parties at the parliament, notably House Speaker, Nabih Berri, do not have the intention to open polemic on extension controversy.”

He called on “President Aoun and PM Hariri to keep the meetings of the Council of Ministers open with the aim of reaching decisive solutions.”