(Video) Bassil Reassures Expatriates: “Lebanon is fine! Voice your Choice and Register for the Elections!

During the annual dinner of Kura’s chapter, Saturday night, Bassil addressed the FPM’s supporters, and the attendees by saying,” we are all sad, all Lebanese are sad due to Hariri’s resignation however, we are more powerful than all those desiring our death.”

Foreign Affairs and Expatriates Minister Gebran Bassil affirmed that “life in Lebanon will continue” and said, “life is stronger than death. We want to live in dignity, in a climate of democracy.”

Bassil reassured expatriates about the situation in Lebanon and urged them to exercise their right to vote, and to encourage their fellow Lebanese expatriates not to miss the opportunity of partaking in this democratic celebration.

On Sunday, Bassil posted on his own Facebook page and twitter account an invitation card addressing the Lebanese Diaspora across the world and contained the following:“to all the expatriates around the world, continue to register for the upcoming parliamentary elections until November 20, 2017, and exercise your natural voting right in the 2018 legislative elections.”

Hala Hayek Najjar