Sehnaoui retaliates to Pharaon’s Accusations

Minister of State for Planning Affairs Michel Pharaon Friday accused former Telecommunications Minister Nicolas Sehnaoui of corruption claiming the latter stole “at least $100 million” from the ministry during his term.

Pharaon made the accusations during a news conference, after his campaign posters in Ashrafieh’s Sassine Square were vandalized. The latter accused Sehnaoui of being behind the act. Both Sehnaoui and Pharaon are competing in the upcoming parliamentary elections over the only Catholic seat in the Beirut I district.

Following the accusations, the Sehnaoui media office issued a statement denying and rejecting Pharaon’s charges.  In addition, Minister Sehnaoui held a press conference Saturday at 3:00 pm at the FPM’s location in Ashrafieh and responded to Pharaon.

(Watch the entire video below.)