Rahi: Changing mentalities helps us develop new electoral law

Maronite Patriarch, Cardinal Bechara Boutros Rahi, said on Sunday that the change in mentalities would help in the elaboration of a new electoral law.

In his homily in Bkerki, Cardinal Rahi stressed the need for changing attitudes in Lebanon, during the new presidential mandate, the new government formation and constitutional institutions as well as public administrations.

“There is a need for renewal at the spiritual, moral and human levels for people who are managing public affairs. A renewal that would be able to eliminate the corruption in public institutions and preserve state funds from waste and diversion,” the prelate said.

“This will help in reaching an agreement on a new electoral law for Lebanon and its people, not for individuals and factions,” Rahi said.

He also pointed out that the establishment of a new electoral law would guarantee the renewal of parliamentary elites and would give value to the voice of the elector.

Rahi also mentioned President Michel Aoun’s recent visit to Saudi Arabia and Qatar, adding that Lebanese people aspire to more visits to other countries in the east and west in order to consolidate the constructive role of Lebanon in the Arab and international communities.