Libano – 100 secoli di storia

Da Walter Argenta Un viaggio nella storia e nell’archeologia del Libano, visitando le città Fenicio-Romane di Tiro e Sidone, ammirando la grandiosità di Baalbeck e riscoprendo la più antica città (sempre abitata) esistente al mondo: […]


Summer Trip to Lebanon 2018

The Spaniards argue that crème brûlée is just a French version of crema catalana. Welsh historians claim Arthur Guinness smuggled his famous stout recipe from a Welsh tavern to Dublin. And Lebanon … Lebanon wants […]


First Time Vote for Expats.

We are voting for the first time from our second countries on April 29th. We are under the impression that this is a normal habitual situation, so much that we forget that it is actually […]


Lebanon, a second home for Armenians

Published on Apr 23, 2015 Subscribe to France 24 now: FOCUS : Fleeing the 1915 genocide perpetrated by Ottoman troops, large numbers of Armenians sought refuge in Lebanon. The country’s   Le Camp Des […]


Presidential Guard Brigade

Presidential Guard Brigade Mission: Providing effective protection to the President of the Republic and his family members in their residence, change of location and whereabouts. Providing protection to the Kings and Heads of State while […]


The mission of the Lebanese Army

The mission of the Lebanese Army The mission of the Lebanese Army According to the National Defense Law (Decree number 102 on 16/09/1983 and its amendments), the Army is assigned to 3 missions: Defense, security […]