(Pics) Lebanon Commemorates the 75th Day of Independence

President of the Lebanese Republic Michel Aoun arrived at Shafik Wazzan Avenue in downtown Beirut to attend the military parade marking the 75th anniversary of Lebanon’s independence.

The President then laid a floral wreath at the foot of a commemorative statue, accompanied by Caretaker Minister of Defense, Yaacoub Sarraf, and the Army Commander, General Joseph Aoun.

The military parade kicked off at Shafik Wazzan Avenue in downtown Beirut this morning in the presence of the House Speaker Nabih Berri and Prime Minister-designated Saad Hariri, as well as Army Commander General Joseph Aoun and scores of Lebanon’s former Presidents, former House Speakers, former Prime Ministers and various Cabinet Ministers, Members of Parliament, senior political, military, religious, judicial, diplomatic, economic and media officials and prominent dignitaries.

At the end of the celebration, the President headed back to Baabda Palace to accept congratulations on the occasion, along with the House Speaker and Prime Minister.