Rommel Saber Explains the New electoral law; “The FPM is ready for the elections.”

The vice president of the FPM of Administrative Affairs Rommel Saber said to OTV Friday morning that the new electoral law is not a complicated one and the FPM party was the first to use it when they did the internal election of the party.
He also said that it is impossible to achieve a 100% fair law, and the law of relativity on the basis of the 15 constituencies is the best one reached.
He also added that the proportional electoral law is the only law that guarantees proper representation to all parties in Lebanon.

Mr. Rommel explained and re-explained that Hezbollah did not impose any law, reminding everyone that President Michel Aoun was the first person to introduce it in Bkirki; and that the Leader of the Free Patriotic Movement leader, Gebran Bassil spoke about it on many occasions and explained that all presented laws were based on proportionality adding that the FPM’s leader “disturbs others with his intelligence and we are proud of that.”

Rommel tackled many issues such as the Syrian refugees, the lawsuits against dozens of politicians, Mr. Rommel said that it is unacceptable to accuse lawmakers of wrongdoing or having committed reprehensible acts and not being held accountable for such accusations.

For the entire speech please watch the video above

Hala Hayek