(Watch) Aoun-Macron Press Conference; Inauguration of Christians of the East Exhibition!

After receiving the Lebanese President Michel Aoun, and following a brief meeting between the two leaders, a press conference was held by the two Heads of State.

(For the complete conference, Kindly watch the video.)

Both leaders then headed to the Arab World Institute to inaugurate the exhibition “Christians of the East…2000 years of history. »

Following the inauguration the president went back to the Elysee where a crowd of Lebanese-French origin was waiting to participate in the gala dinner prepared in his honor.

President Aoun spoke during the dinner and focused on the return of the Syrian refugees to their home.
“We don’t want to wait for their voluntary return,” Aoun insisted, speaking at the Elysee Palace alongside French President Emmanuel Macron. And added: “most of the Syrian regions from which the refugees hail are now secure.”

The U.N. assistance given to aid Syrian refugees in camps of misery in Lebanon, would be better used to return them to their country from now on.” President Aoun concluded.