Summer Trip to Lebanon 2018

The Spaniards argue that crème brûlée is just a French version of crema catalana. Welsh historians claim Arthur Guinness smuggled his famous stout recipe from a Welsh tavern to Dublin.

And Lebanon …

Lebanon wants their hummus (picture in library) back. Often overlooked as a culinary destination, Lebanon crafts the ideal summer mezze table (picture in library) in an equally ideal temperate climate.

Stroll open air markets in Byblos(picture in library), one of the world’s oldest cities. The ruins of many successive civilizations are found at Byblos, one of the oldest Phoenician cities. Inhabited since Neolithic times, it has been closely linked to the legends and history of the Mediterranean region for thousands of years..

Cool off at the Baatara Gorge Waterfall(picture in library), this unexpected waterfall drops 255 meters into a cave and falls behind three natural bridges, which raise one above the other and overhang the chasm descending into Mount Lebanon. The location is also known as the “Three Bridges Chasm” (in French “Gouffre des Trois Ponts”)

Then settle in beneath the cedars  for a feast of local wine, tabbouleh, tiny rounds of hot sesame pita, baba ghanoush sprinkled with pomegranate seeds, and plates of herb-y cheese, all drizzled in bright swoops of local olive oil.