First Time Vote for Expats.

We are voting for the first time from our second countries on April 29th.

We are under the impression that this is a normal habitual situation, so much that we forget that it is actually a giant step in the history of Lebanon.

The diaspora is being taken seriously as an essential part of the nation that is contributing and taking part of a decision and not just an automatic counter or a cash drawer.

The first party that has called us “diaspora” (انتشار) and non-immigrants (اغتراب) was the FPM. It was a strategic change in the approach and the concept.

Gebran Bassil, our minister of Foreign Affairs was the first to apply this theory. He doubled his energies to reach the Lebanese from the four corners of the globe, worked hard to return the right to recover their nationality, and created the means to link them through the congress of the Diaspora for Energy, and also gave them back the right to vote from their countries of immigration, and pretty soon the right to have their own representatives.

This is just simply the principle of “Lebanity” one we should be aware and proud of.