Lebanese President Warns of Country’s Bankruptcy… We must buy Electricity from any Source!

“The bankruptcy warning was issued to hold everyone accountable and we must buy electricity from any source and regardless the means.”

President Aoun’s statement was the first direct warning of its kind on the economic situation in Lebanon after meeting the Maronite Patriarch Beshara al-Rahi at the presidential palace. He voiced his concern ahead of the Cedar 1 international donor conference that will be held in Paris on April 6.

Furthermore, the Lebanese president chaired the council of ministers meeting that was held at Baabda Presidential Palace, during which he said:

“We are 40 days away from elections, and we hope that adequate preparations have been made for elections to be held as planned.” President Aoun also stepped up calls for “raising awareness campaigns for citizens on how to vote, especially as a number of citizens are still asking about this subject.”

Tackling the electricity issue, President Aoun pointed out that he had previously presented to the Council of Ministers a study on the deficit caused by the electricity crisis.

“I have asked for practical solutions and proposals, however I still did not receive any answer from anyone until today,” Aoun maintained.

“We are well-aware that the establishment of electricity plants is the permanent solution, but pending the construction of plants, how do we provide electricity through temporary solutions?” the President wondered.

President Michel Aoun addressed the electricity issue with prime minister Hariri, and after listening to the latter’s argument, the president told everyone that he wants to provide all Lebanese with electricity and he will only object on the electricity prices.