Lebanese President Michel Aoun to take Action if Cabinet Delay Persists

Lebanese President Michel Aoun is striving to ensure the formation of the new government by September. President Aoun told reporters that he would wait until September 1 before taking action to resolve the stalemate.

However, President Aoun’s options are limited, as the Taef accord imposes no deadline on the prime minister’s mission to form a government. Moreover, the Constitution does not oblige the president or the parliament to put an end to the Prime Minister’s task and to give him another figure.

Al-Mustaqbal movement agrees with Aoun’s thoughts on the formation of a new government calling his statement “excellent” and in agreement with that of Hariri’s.

On the other hand, the Free Patriotic Movement minister Pierre Raffoul reportedly said: “We will wait until the end of this month … At the end of August, things will be different.”