Hizbullah MP Lauds ‘End of Christian Frustration’, Warns of ‘Lebanese Frustration’

A Hizbullah lawmaker on Sunday said his party was “pleased by the end of Christian frustration,” in reference to the rising alliance between the Free Patriotic Movement and the Lebanese Forces, as he warned of a possible “Lebanese, cross-confessional frustration.”

“We were pleased by the end of Christian frustration but we don’t want to witness a Lebanese, comprehensive and cross-confessional frustration as a result of any setback in the cabinet formation process,” MP Ali Fayyad of the Loyalty to Resistance bloc cautioned.

“There are no crucial obstacles hindering the cabinet formation process, but we maybe need to turn the page on the era that accompanied the presidential vacuum and to start a new chapter under a broad national government on the basis of expanding partnership and endorsing a flexible approach,” Fayyad added.

He stressed that “it is in the interest of everyone to show cooperation” so that the new government “can begin addressing the living conditions and the pressing issues, topped by the electoral law.”

President Michel Aoun and Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri were reportedly pushing for the formation of a new government before Independence Day but the formation process suffered several setbacks in recent days.

Horsetrading is currently revolving around some services-related ministerial portfolios and about some parties’ insistence on naming ministers from other sects.