(Video) FPM’s Leader Gebran Bassil: ” No to extension, No to vacuum, No to the 1960 law, and yes to a New Law.”



Minister Gebran Bassil repeated, in a live conference following the weekly meeting of the Change and Reform bloc in Rabieh, on Tuesday his clear refusal to the old 1960 electoral law, assuring that they would be no extension to the parliament rather a new law that will ensure the stability of the country.

In a firm tone Minister Bassil said:

“- No to extension, no to vacuum and no to the 1960 law, and yes to a new law conforming to the National Pact.”

“- We have not change our mind and we are still refusing the extension, the vacuum, and the 1960 law.”

“- The FPM has started a campaign to press for the endorsement of a new law. There is still a possibility of passing a new law until June 19.”

“- We thank PM Hariri for his latest position; he was very courageous when he refused the extension, and we feel more obliged to reach a consensus over a new electoral law.”

“- There are no deep political disputes regarding the election law; and as a FPM we do not cling to any format, on the contrary we are open to several laws, topped by the Orthodox Gathering law.”

“- I wonder how some parties can accept to elect a Senate based on the Orthodox electoral Law; it means that the latter is not a bad idea after all.”

“- To those who are preoccupied with Christians, welfare I ask them, what have they done for Christians between the year 1990 until 2005?”

“- We want a law that guarantees correct representation of all the Lebanese components.”

“- How could some political parties reject a cabinet vote on a new electoral law, then accept to vote for illegitimate extension in parliament?”

“- There are dirty pens that hurt their own political parties; they mean nothing, and they can never harm the strong alliance we have established with Hezbollah.”

“- It was our duty to be with Hezbollah during the July war, we only offered them bread while they protect our homeland and offered martyrs.”

“- We never asked for moving parliamentary seats from one district to another. However we demanded to give the Diaspora 6 seats hat have been added illegitimately in order to correct the representation.”

“- They threw us out of the country for 15 years  … but we never accept to throw any of them for even 15 seconds.”

“- They made fun of us for submitting so many suggestions, so we’ll let them present one.”

“- We are required to endorse a new election law through agreement and settlement. We will get what we want because what we want is law, order and justice.” Minister Bassil concluded.

Hala Hayek