Wahhab Launches ‘Self Defense’ Brigades in Jahliyeh Paramilitary Parade

Arab Tawhid Party chief ex-minister Wiam Wahhab officially announced Sunday the creation of the so-called “Tawhid Brigades” during a paramilitary parade that was held in his Chouf district hometown, Jahliyeh.

Hundreds of masked, black-clad Wahhab supporters took part in the parade, which did not involve any display of weapons.

“Tawhid Brigades are civilian brigades that refuse to use weapons arms for self defense or to support the army and the security forces,” Wahhab, who is close to Damascus and Hizbullah, said.

“In the face of any Israeli aggression, they will operate as part of the resistance,” he added.

“These are the brigades of the coming, sweeping change that will achieve a better tomorrow for us, our mountain and our people,” Wahhab went on to say.

He noted that the new group will be present “in all cities, towns and regions” and that it will respect “the State’s authority.”

Wahhab also saluted Hizbullah, Syrian President Bashar Assad and President Michel Aoun.

“We will keep supporting President Aoun as long as he is fighting corruption and political clientelism,” he added.