Aoun and Hariri and the elections in Beirut

Day got the idea of a coalition with Hariri in the municipality of Beirut elections, Michel Aoun to the table, turning the search to what looks like an operating room for a battle of destiny. I attended all the possibilities. Brightest and antibody. Each dimensional comparisons and approaches were his obsession. What happened in 1998 and after the year 2004 up to the end of 2010 on behalf of the presidency and the positions of the maturity and experience of government and administration and the state … all of which were within the equations and stressful decision dialogue. After a long and careful research, it seemed that we are facing a dilemma. Or to a logical dilemma scientific sense of the word: If we entered into a coalition with al-Hariri, we will come out of our street loudly denouncing saying: Where is your war on corruption? And what have you done waiver impossible? If you fought the battle against al-Hariri, we will come out full Lebanese group stark Mstfezah: Did you see that you are against the Sunnis in Lebanon, and against its leader and its leadership, but not against the martyr, or even parity against the division and with ?! If we say yes, we will go along Sansour corruption. If we do not, we Sansour against the Charter. While the search this limit, Michel Aoun did not hesitate: among chartered items crisis with a partner in the country, and between the internal crisis about the mayor Options, choose the second and tolerate it. Between chartered items that affect our project an image, or to affect the image of our supporters disciplinary, second lesser of two evils. Go and understanding with Hariri in Beirut, with advance our understanding of what will happen and who will pay the price