President Aoun Warns and Abi Khalil Explains!

President Aoun: “Lebanon needs a quick Solution to the Electricity Dilemma..Or Else!

President Michel Aoun sounded the alarm and stressed the need to find a quick solution for the Lebanon’s power shortage.
“Soon there shall be a severe power shortage that will affect the Lebanese and various aspects of everyday life,” Aoun said during the Cabinet meeting on Thursday, and added “we need a direct and timely solution to the electricity dilemma.”

Referring to failed tenders to lease power generating ships, he added: “Last time, the tender has failed and I do not know the reason, meanwhile the cost of the production of electricity is rising. I don’t want to hear anymore speeches or remarks, I want solutions otherwise I will go out to the media and frankly say that the government is incapable of addressing the electricity file.”

For his part, Energy Minister Cesar Abi Khalil stressed “the need to make a decision in order to solve the problem. Everyone knows the solution which we presented to the ministerial committee, Abi khalil added…

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