LF chief Geagea stresses need to end waste of public funds before imposing taxes

Lebanese Forces chief Samir Geagea said Monday that “the worst kind of exploitation is when someone tries to exploit the suffering of the people,” noting that the LF has always been seeking to put an end to the waste of public funds before resorting to taxes.

Commenting on Sunday’s demonstration, Geagea said during a press conference that “alongside the real scene in Riad al-Solh, there was a fake manifestation represented by the presence of Jamil al-Sayyed who was a supporter of the tutelage era that was a symbol of corruption.”

“One of the parties who has been represented in all governments since 2005, said on Sunday no to corruption, but they should be reminded that corruption is a fortuitous event that just happened,” he continued.

In addition, Geagea proposed a procedure package, which he discussed with PM Saad Hariri who approved of it, in a bid to reinforce the economic situation in Lebanon.

The most important items are the following:

– Reducing the amounts of this year’s budget from USD 26 billion to USD 22 billion

– On electricity, meetings were held with Energy Minister Cesar Khalil and agreement was reached over the need to involve the private sector in the power generation industry

– Preventing tax evasion

– Controlling the customs and closing all illegal routes