Hariri from Baabda: We will reach election law satisfying all Lebanese

President Michel Aoun met at Baabda palace on Monday with Prime Minister Saad Hariri, with whom he discussed the current general situation prevailing on the local scene.

Hariri reportedly briefed the President over the outcome of his ongoing contacts with the competent ministers, in an attempt to find solutions to the current crises.

“I discussed with the President the general situation in the country, in addition to the issue of the state budget and other dossiers that are on-the-table. The President and I are keen as ever on combatting corruption and ceasing [public funds] waste,” Hariri told reporters following the meeting.

“Our position is clear; this government is to restore people’s confidence,” he reminded, adding that there is no need to take to the streets since all the political blocs have agreed on endorsing the salary scale.

Moreover, the Prime Minister said that talks with the President also touched on the election law issue. “There is positive dialogue among the different political parties. In my opinion, we will reach a solution in the respect.”

“I am confident that we will reach a new election law that satisfies the Lebanese,” he stressed.

Hariri also indicated that his movement was open to all law proposals.

“This is a decision that we took inside the movement to prove that we are not an obstacle. What concerns us is that the reassurance of other parties in the country, like Walid Jumblatt, over the new law,” he concluded.