Lebanon woo-ed me

Source: travelingspud.com

Katie in her article “20 Epic Things to Do in Lebanon” describes seeking breathtaking beaches, a resilient population, a lively nightlife scene, and rich history? Then look no further, she says. Lebanon has got you covered. Lebanon just “wow-ed” me and I’m sure it will wow you too! This complicated, but incredibly idyllic country is located on the Mediterranean Sea in Western Asia (Middle East) wedged between Israel and Syria. It boasts beaches, deserts, cities (of all sizes), waterfalls, and ski resorts! More is here.

Traveldudes.com says that with an extraordinary cultural and landscape diversity, from north to south, east to west, one can find numerous points of interest to visit, be they cities, beaches, mountains, or archeological sites. The small but intense Lebanese territory has everything you could hope for and much more to offer.

But Luxury Travel Diva lists the Lebanese food that can be found all over the world, it is so delicious. So, make sure you visit some of the great restaurants in Lebanon and try these Lebanese specialities:
• Manakish – Flatbread with cheese or za’atar.
• Menti/Shish Barak – Meat dumplings in Yoghurt for you meat eaters. There is a lot of meat served in restaurants in Lebanon. Not great for veggies like me.
• Fattet Hummus – Hummus casserole with croutins
• Hummus – I prefer just hummus with veggie sticks
• Samke Harra – Spiced fish, find this dish in a lot of the seaside fish restaurants – yummy!
• Kebab Halabi – Another one for you meat eaters out there!
• Mezze dishes – I love these little dishes of Hummus, Tabooli, Fatoosh. These are a starter but dont order too many!
• Mughli – sweet rice pudding for desert

Yana and Timon made a complete guide here.

Joan Torres missed that a 1 US dollar is no longer 1500 Liras but the 2 weeks travel guide is very good.

And here comes a guide how to travel to Beirut from any city in the world by flying, drivng, train and a combination av every way. Choose your city and hit Search. Here comes Hamburg in Germany to Beirut.