Kanaan Says FPM Practiced Real Opposition, Defends LF, Hizbullah Agreements

Change and Reform bloc secretary MP Ibrahim Kanaan has stressed that the country is headed for “a new electoral law through which all components will be represented,” noting that the Free Patriotic Movement has practiced real “opposition” throughout its history.

“The FPM was born from the womb of the opposition, but it proved that opposition should not be artificial and it consolidated stability through reaching the toughest agreements,” Kanaan said, referring to the FPM’s rapprochement agreements with Hizbullah and the Lebanese Forces.

“There will be a new electoral law that secures correct representation for all components and we have always withstood campaigns and lies and triumphed for the sake of partnership and national interest,” Kanaan added.

“The FPM practiced a tough opposition reflected in opposing the Syrian occupation until liberation and opposing the absence of the State and the 2005 distribution of shares. We gained the confidence of 70% of Christians and we won 21 parliamentary seats in the face of the four-party alliance that was formed against us, and we represented the first line of defense for the usurped rights,” he went on to say.

The MP also noted that President “Michel Aoun did not go to the presidential seat but rather the presidential seat came to him due to his presence, strength, role and ability to establish bridges of communication among the Lebanese.”