Aoun to Emphasize Importance of ‘Arab Solidarity’ at Arab Summit

President Michel Aoun said on Tuesday he will carry a peace message to the Arab summit on behalf of the Lebanese and will stress the significance of Arab solidarity and activation of Arab League charter.

Aoun who is scheduled to head a delegation to the summit in Jordan Tuesday afternoon, said at a cabinet session he presided at Baabda: “In my speech at the Arab summit I will carry a message of peace on behalf of the Lebanese. I will affirm the significance of Arab solidarity and the activation of the Arab League charter.”

Turning to the government success at approving an annual draft budget he congratulated the ministers and hoped “it would be ratified at the parliament.”

Aoun briefed the ministers on his recent visit to the Vatican and his meeting with Pope Francis.

“The Pope has blessed the work we are doing and stressed the importance of unity in Lebanon, especially the Christian-Muslim coexistence. He said it qualifies Lebanon as a center for dialogue of civilizations and religions,” remarked Aoun.

The President also touched on issues discussed with visiting foreign delegations that focused on a new electoral system, the Syrian refugees and Lebanon’s economic needs.