Al-Rahi Urges Politicians to ‘Rise Above Private Interests’

Maronite Patriarch Beshara al-Rahi on Sunday noted that “all politicians in Lebanon will not be able to make any initiative unless they rise above their private interests that are being fulfilled at the expense of public welfare and the state’s treasury.”

“We urge the officials of the Lebanese state — in parliament, government, ministries, public administrations and judiciary – to rescue our Lebanese people from their suffering, poverty, unemployment, lack of jobs, starvation, meager living, the burdens of education, hospitalization and housing, and the woes of deprivation, injustice, the violation of rights, the oppression of the influential figures, and extortion,” the patriarch added in his Sunday Mass sermon.

“Should all the segments of the Lebanese people continue to stage demos, sit-ins and strikes to no avail?” al-Rahi wondered.

He added: “Unless the political officials rise above their private interests, the parliament and the government will continue to fail to pass a fair and comprehensive electoral law that conforms to the National Pact, or to approve a state budget and a new wage scale.”