(Video) Mashnouq: ISF Foiled Terror Attacks During Holidays

The Lebanese Interior Minister, Nohad el-Mashnouq, revealed in a press conference that the operation “Safe Lebanon” spared Lebanon huge terrorist threats and lured several Daesh (ISIS) leaders.

At the conference Mashnouq revealed that an elite unit in Lebanon’s Internal Security Forces (ISF) had arrested an Iraqi ISIS commander in Beirut last June. The commander, known as Abu Jaafar al-Iraqi, had been tasked by the ISIS leadership to establish a terrorist network in Lebanon, according to information presented at the briefing.

We were sure that there a Daesh leadership in Lebanon after we arrested a leader in the organization identified as Abou Jaafar al-Iraqi,” Mashnouq clarified and added “Al-Iraqi was used by the Internal Security Forces Information Branch for a period of five months to obtain information and to discover terrorist plots.”

Minister Mashnouq concluded by saying that with the cooperation of all the security services, the operation “Safe Lebanon” was well carried out.

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