IOM eröffnet beiruter Büro

Die Internationale Organisation für Migration (IOM) im Libanon und die Botschaft feierten am 25. August den Start des Familienunterstützungsprogramms (FAP) für Syrer mit der Eröffnung eines neuen IOM-Familienunterstützungszentrums in Beirut.

In seiner Eröffnungsrede hob Botschafter Martin Huth die mit dem Projekt verknüpften Hoffnungen hervor: „The aim of the Family Assistance Program is to help applicants with any questions they have relating to the visa application process and to ensure that they can submit all the necessary documents when they arrive at the Embassy for their visa appointment. Applicants can visit the center before having their appointment at the Embassy. In the project period until next summer, IOM plans to assist up to 35,000 families in advising them on the visa application procedure and on integration. We are convinced that this will accelerate the process and therefore lead to shorter waiting times for all applicants. We strongly believe that, in IOM, we have found the perfect partner to achieve this goal. Visiting the IOM Family Assistance Program center will ultimately speed up the processing of all visa applications.”