FPM’s Leader Gebran Bassil takes a break at Mseilha Fort.


“Workaholic” is the nickname of Minister Gebran Bassil. However, today Sunday April 23, 2017, the busy minister took a break to enjoy Lebanon’s natural beauty. He explored, with some close friends, the fort of Mseilha located north of his hometown “el-Batroun.”

The fort dominates the “Nahr-el-Jawz” valley on top of its rocky peak; It is a fortification built by “Emir Fakhreddine II” in the 17th century to guard the road from Tripoli to Beirut.

The leader of the Free Patriotic Movement Gebran Bassil, this person who works hard and long hours, seemed to be enjoying the nature that surrounds the fort with his friends, supporters and almost everyone who was there at the same time.

He took the pictures below himself and posted them on his personal account, with the following lines: “Part of the day was devoted to nature and to the land I cherish, and part of it was spent at home with my family… As for the electoral law, I was and will remain close to my people, day and night, until we reach a law that will be fair to all…The law of freedom.”
by Hala Hayek