Finance and Budget Committee Holds Meeting to discuss Electricity Plan.

The Finance and Budget Committee held Thursday a meeting under the chairmanship of MP Ibrahim Kanaan at the Parliament, in the presence of Minister of Energy Cesar Abi Khalil, the Minister of Education Marwan Hamadeh, and the Minister State for Combating Corruption Nicolas Tueni as well as the Minister of Finance Ali Hassan Khalil who joined the meeting later on. Part of the meeting was dedicated to discuss the electricity plan.

The meeting ended around 14.30, local time, and was followed by a live press conference for both MP Ibrahim Kanaan and Minister Abi Khalil.

In brief, depute Kanaan endorsed the second chapter of the budget, noting that they asked the ministries to submit detailed reports on their programs and objectives. Depute Kanaan stressed on the fact that the electricity plan was approved by the cabinet, long time ago, adding that he tasked the Minister of Energy, Cesar Abi Khalil, to apply the necessary procedures.

Following the committee’s meeting held to discuss the electricity plan; Minister Cesar Abi Khalil explained to the Lebanese people on live TV that power supply cannot be guaranteed during the summer season without available plants that do not require time to build.
The minister explained that the electricity rescue plan will help the Lebanese economy and citizens to save up to 45 to 54% of the cost.

by Hala Hayek