Bou Assi: Hariri has not declared acceptance of relativity law, we are attached to Bassil’s mixed formula

NNA – Social Affairs Minister, Pierre Bou Assi, indicated, on Saturday, that “PM Saad Hariri has not declared his acceptance of the relativity electoral law but merely expressed that he has no objection to it, meaning that it is not his first choice.”

“We are attached to Bassil’s mixed electoral law and we shall ring the alarm bells during Monday’s cabinet session to decide on an election law,” added Bou Assi.

Speaking during an interview to “MTV” Channel, Bou Assi noted that “the Lebanese Forces Party has been calling for a new election for the past ten years,” adding that “Monday’s cabinet session will give a clear indication as to which path the electoral law shall adopt.”

Bou Assi also touched on the escalating tension within Ain el-Helweh refugee camp, saying “there is a security problem exacerbating within the camp,” stressing that “we ought to put an end to weapons inside and outside camps.”

“A political decision ought to be adopted in the near future to lift the cover off the weapons inside Ain el-Helweh,” added Bou Assi, noting that Fath Movement is trying to resolve the arising clashes.