Khoury: Economy Ministry shall perform its full duties in prices control, especially during salary scale implementation

NNA – Economy and Trade Minister, Raed Khoury, asserted, on Saturday, that his Ministry shall “carry out its utmost duties in monitoring prices, especially during the implementation phase of the salaries and ranks series.”

“We have launched the Regional Center for Human Resources Training on Consumer Protection and the Fight against Fraud and Corruption, which today is considered one of the most important achievements that reflects the confidence of the international community, specifically in the ability of Lebanon to host such training centers,” added Khoury.

His words came during his visit to the town of Khiyam in the South, where he was welcomed by a crowd of citizens and the town’s dignitaries.

“We are here today to have a closer look at your needs and to set a clear framework and timetable for catering to said needs,” said Khoury, during his visit to the Municipality of Khiyam.

“We are facing a major challenge at this phase, namely in activating the economic wheel and supporting employers to stick to their land by supporting all small and medium-sized enterprises and creating job opportunities through cooperation with municipalities, public institutions and international organizations,” Khoury went on.

“Following the Brussels Conference which took place last week, we must remind, once again, of the huge burden of displaced Syrians that has impacted Lebanon, from the far north to the far south,” he added, reiterating the need for “investments in Lebanon which would allow for the creation of jobs in all Lebanese territories, without any discrimination.”