Director of “The Insult” Released After Being Detained Over his Visit to Israel

The director Ziad Doueiri was arrested at Beirut – Rafic Hariri International Airport over his visit to Israel to shoot a movie. “The Insult”, a film by Ziad Doueiri, depicts the relationship between a Christian Lebanese and a Palestinian refugee in Lebanon.

The director appeared before a military court on Monday, and was questioned for 90 minutes about his film. The French-Lebanese director was released without any charges since “he has no bad intentions against the Palestinian cause” his lawyer told the reporters. However, the Lebanese and French passports of Mr. Doueiri were confiscated.

In 2012, the director released an award-winning movie entitled “The Attack”. The movie got banned in Lebanon and several Arab countries since it was filmed in Israel and it features Israeli actors. It should be known that traveling to Israel is illegal for Lebanese nationals.