Geagea Mends Relations with Kataeb in Telephone Call with Gemayel

Lebanese Forces chief Samir Geagea affirmed good relations with the Kataeb party in a telephone conversation with ex-President Amin Gemeyal after some recent tension in ties over a statement made by leader of the Kataeb Sami Gemayel.

Geagea hailed Gemayel’s rhetoric after his meeting with newly-elected President Michel Aoun at the Presidential Palace, the LF chief said: “Normal relations between the LF and Kataeb is a norm while conflict is an exception.”

Geagea stressed that the national and intellectual perspectives of both parties are one and should be refletced in their political actions.

Relations between the two soared recently after a statement made by (Sami) Gemayel where he criticized Geagea and said: “Geagea does not mind to be with Hizbullah in a single government, but he does not want the participation of Kataeb.”

The LF tensely replied to Gemayel and the tension stretched to include supporters of both parties who took to social media outlets to express their positions.

Bickering took a halt after leaders of both leaders urged their supporters to end the war of words on social media.

Prime Minister-designate Saad Harir is in the process of forming up a new cabinet amid reports that the political forces are reportedly pushing for forming one before Independence Day, which Lebanon marks on November 22.

Horsetrading is currently revolving around the distribution of the so-called sovereign ministerial portfolios – finance, defense, foreign affairs and interior – and other key portfolios like energy and public works.

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