Bassil to Sayyed Nasrallah – I accept what you accept for yourself. This is my last word regarding the government

Gibran Bassil
Bassil in press conference 20 June 2021

Here some excerpts from the Free Patriotic Movement President, MP Gebran Bassil, during a press conference today, 20 June 2021:

▪︎ Our existence is linked to our role, and our role must be complete, so the battle is at the level of existence, and they use people’s hardship to break us and seek help from abroad as usual and give us the choice between people’s hunger and the loss of our political existence.

▪︎ The formation crisis revealed more serious and deeper crises, that revealed the crisis of the system, the constitution, the practice and the intentions.

▪︎ They give us a choice between national dignity and a decent life, and they want us to choose one of the two, and we want them both. And whoever advises us about one of them, we say to them “Beware” of the people if we lose both.

▪︎ It is clear that there are those who did not accept our restoration of the role that they “stripped” us of between 1990 and 2005, and today they consider that they have a new opportunity to restore the time of dismantling and scamming .

▪︎ Sayyed Hassan used the state of President Berri as his friend to carry out a government endeavor, not an initiative, because there are no element for it or at least we do not know it or it hasn’t been communicated with us but we consider it an endeavor and a commendable effort if it is balanced and fair, that is, if there is an “honest mediator”, but it becomes unfair, undesirable, “If it appears biased and offensive to us, as it appears recently.”

▪︎ Today I seek the help of a friend who is His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, and even more, I want him to be a judge and I entrust him with this matter… I do not hand over my affairs nor whom I represent to Sayyed Hassan, but rather entrust him with the rights. He knows that we are being targeted, and everything is happening to harm us, and he knows that we have given up on the issue of the government on many things.

▪︎ Sayyed Hassan, I know that you do not fail the truth. I, Gibran Bassil, without loading any burden on you , I accept what you accept for yourself. This is my last word regarding the government…

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