FPM has been repeatedly asked: “What have you done for five years?”

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On May 15, you MUST vote for FPM

We stood against the Deal of the Century.
We threw out ISIS and Al-Nusra.
We imposed budgets to stop waste and theft.
We introduced the forensic audit.
We enforced the rules for gas and oil exploration.
We rejected the Hoff line proposal and forced Israel to negotiate, and stop romping in our waters and stealing our wealth.
We built dams.
We refused to integrate the displaced and we still stand against the naturalization of Palestinians.
We exposed and fragmented the system, and you see it falling apart.
We have submitted 78 law proposals since 2018 and 300 since 2005, three-quarters of which are in Berri and Adwan’s drawers. These laws improve the lives of citizens and contribute to fighting corruption, stopping theft, and holding the perpetrators accountable.

All this, and 50% of this administration’s term was WITHOUT a government!
Don’t underestimate this!

To be honest, did you expect the system to be this evil, diabolical, deep-rooted, audacious, and powerful? Frankly, we were the first to be surprised… But we have come to know them very well, and we have become familiar with their true and deceiving colors!

On May 15, you MUST vote for FPM, in order to defeat them! 31 years of corruption cannot be eradicated in 5 years, half of which without a government! It would be a shame, after what we have so far achieved, to allow them to return to power and enable them and their children to continue robbing us. It would be a real shame!

Trust the President and his Movement, and do not believe the liars, charlatans, and thieves!

Think about it.

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