The Victory By Habib Younes

Habib Younes
Translated by Hala Hayek Najjar

All the tragedies, tears, wounds, and sorrows, however cruel and deep, are erased by one moment of joy, a moment of triumph.

October 13, 1990; they tried to crush us, but we did not sign!
October 13, 2018; it is enough for us to look upward, as we always do, to read this moment of victory and joy on the forehead of President Michel Aoun; and we know that the tear in his eye summarizes the heroes’ martyrdom, and makes sure that the leader who dreams, plans, presents, resists and works, is alone capable of self-determination.

Yesterday’s ruined palace is today standing proud, and the journey that did not crush its founder continues today with its current president for all of Lebanon and all the Lebanese.