Minister Gebran Bassil: “LDE conference seeks to strengthen the links between Lebanese in Lebanon and Expatriates.”

The New Electoral law must ensure parliamentary representation of the Lebanese Diaspora

Minister Gebran Bassil held a press conference at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates, on Monday, to shed a light on the upcoming event, the conference of the “Lebanese Diaspora Energy” (LDE) that will take place at the “Biel Center”, in downtown Beirut from the 4th until the 6th of May.

On May 6, the third and final day the Diaspora will be the guest of honor at Baabda Palace, and will meet the Lebanese President Michel Aoun.

This is the fourth conference for the LDE, since Bassil took charge as Minister, and is under the patronage of the Lebanese President General Michel Aoun.

During the live press conference, Minister Bassil presented the LDE’s agenda, in the presence of a large crowd of politicians, public figures and media coverage. Bassil raised important issues such as the Lebanese nationality and how important it is to all expatriates to regain it. He also stressed on the importance of strengthening ties between the Lebanese living in Lebanon and those who are living abroad, especially in the world of politics, industry, business, medicine and technology.

Before concluding, Minister Bassil did not forget to tackle the famous issue nowadays, the electoral law, and said that the new electoral law must give political rights to the Lebanese expatriates and represent them with at least six seats out of 128.

(Watch the entire live conference in the above video.)

by Hala Hayek