Lebanon, a second home for Armenians

Published on Apr 23, 2015

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FOCUS : Fleeing the 1915 genocide perpetrated by Ottoman troops, large numbers of Armenians sought refuge in Lebanon. The country’s


Le Camp Des Pauvres Exiles Armeniens A Beyrouth

Armenian Refugees from Alexandretta at Anjar in Bekaa, year 1940

Around 10,000 Lebanese-Armenians marching on April 24, 2006, on the memory of the Genocide

Armenian and Lebanese flags are held during a protest against Turkish Government

Diversity in Lebanon‘s population | The Orange Room – Lebanon‘s number

ADIC – IV – Les Arméniens au Liban- Հայերը Լիբանան

The Lebanese People Are Very Proud Of the Armenian Populations In Lebanon They Are True Lebanese.