The Odiaspora Team Conducted An Interview With Mr. Elie Ferzli

The Odiaspora Team conducted an interview on the 16th day of November, 2016. The Interview took place over the internet with Dr. Elie Haddad asking the question that everybody submitted over the internet. The questions were directed to Mr. Elie Ferzli. Who served as an information Minister and former Deputy-Speaker of the Parliament of Lebanon in the early 2000s. And there were large number of attendance from several European Nations such as France, Italy, Germany and The United Kingdom there were also some participants from Russia, Australia, Canada and The USA. And from Latin America such as Chile.
Mr. Ferzli was very informative and gracious answered every single question with an open heart and with a very positive attitude and praised The Lebanese President General Michel Aoun and said that this Presidential term is going to bring prosperous and success to Lebanon. We are going to have a very professional government under the leadership of Prime Minister Saad Hariri with Mr. Nabih Berri as the speaker of the house.
And hopefully this government will be very successful in establishing a new election Law that is up to date and fair to all the Lebanese citizens.