Riachy from Canada: Christian reconciliation aims at establishing civilization of peace

Minister of Information, Melhem Riachy, met on the first day of his Canada tour with the Bishop of the Eparchy of Saint-Maroun de Montréal, Bishop Paul Marwan Tabet, who welcomed the “godfather of the historic reconciliation” between the Lebanese Forces (LF) and the Free Patriotic Movement (FPM).

Riachy’s visit to Canada is to last a few days, whereby he is to meet with a number of Canadian officials.

Present at the meeting were representatives of Lebanese parties in Canada and Montreal, as well as a host of social and religious figures from the Lebanese community.

Riachy spoke of the inter-Christian reconciliation, noting that it brought back Christians to the State.

“This reconciliation is not directed against anyone and does not aim at excluding anyone,” said the Minister, adding that the goal of the reconciliation was to establish a civilization of peace that made Lebanon a model for neighboring countries.

The Minister voiced optimism regarding the budget project, noting that it would soon be decreed.

He equally voiced similar confidence regarding a new electoral law that rectified legislative representation.