Palestinian President convenes with Gemayel, Palestinian factions

Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, met on Saturday with a delegation from the factions of the Palestinian Liberation Organization, and head of Kataeb Party, Sami Gemayel.

Abbas relayed to the Palestinian factions the efforts his administration was under taking to combat the Israeli project. He insisted on accomplishing national reconciliation and achieving the goals numerated in agreements held among Palestinians.

Separately, Abbas convened with MP Sami Gemayel, who told the press that the Palestinian President asserted his administration’s keenness on Lebanon’s stability, starting with de-arming all camps. Gemayel wondered at the Lebanese parties who hindered this step, despite its ability to protect Palestinians and Lebanese alike.

Abbas confirmed to Gemayel the need for the Lebanese state to reign over the entire country, including Palestinian camps.

“We confirmed to the President that the solution is in a Palestinian state…so that we can encourage refugees to return to their country and land,” said Gemayel.