Report: Parties Mull Holding a Spiritual Summit to Support Aoun

Media reports said that parties are mulling calls to hold a spiritual Christian-Islamic summit with the aim of backing President Michel Aoun and the new tenure, in order to provide atmospheres appropriate for the new government to function properly, the Kuwaiti As-Seyasah daily reported Monday.

The daily said that the summit has the aim of helping the government implement “the required including an agreement on devising a new electoral to hold the parliamentary polls.”

The political parties are bickering over amending the current election law which divides seats among the different religious sects.

The current parliament has failed to amend the law, and has extended its mandate twice amid criticism. New elections are scheduled for May 2017.

As-Seyasah added that contacts are underway to ensure the success of the summit and provide the proper conditions in compatibility with the ministerial statement to avoid any objections to it.