Qabalan: Religious dignitaries must address threats of terrorism

Sheikh Abdel Amir Qabalan, vice-president of the Shiite Supreme Council, urged in his Friday sermon “religious dignitaries from all communities confronted with the perils of terrorism” to address the issue of terrorism and condemn “acts and attacks which violate the dignity of Man.”

After reproving unjustified and inadmissible crimes, he confirmed that “Islam is innocent of any terrorist act,” claiming that “this global scourge requires the redoubling of efforts to annihilate it.”

“The Organization of Islamic Cooperation, Arab leaders and the United Nations are called upon to mobilize with the aim of putting an end to terrorism in Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Turkey, and wherever it threatens people,” he proclaimed.

Sheikh Qabalan then congratulated Lebanon, its army, its people and its Resistance “for having succeeded in avoiding disasters through solidarity in the fight against terrorism”, stressing the importance of “supporting the military institution and ensuring that it receives the armaments it needs in order to enable it to defend the country against conspiracies aimed at destabilizing it. ”

“The Lebanese government must make the effort and benefit from its relation with friendly countries in order to provide the necessary support to the army,” he clarified.

He considered that the meeting of the Council of Ministers, held last Wednesday, gave “a glimmer of hope for the revival of the government’s work”, emphasizing “the importance of oil exploration of territorial waters, which gave Lebanon a chance to benefit from its wealth and boost the economic cycle.”

Turning to the electoral law, he criticized the 1960’s Act, focusing on the importance of proportional representation.