China’s Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs arrives to Beirut

Chinese Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs, Zhang Ming, arrived to Lebanon on Friday on an official visit that is to last for two days, during which the Chinese official will meet with President Michel Aoun, PM Saad Hariri, and House Speaker, Nabih Berri.
This would mark Ming’s second official visit to Lebanon, the first dating back twenty years ago. He was accompanied by a ministerial delegation, and met at Rafik Hariri International Airport by Ambassador of China to Lebanon and officials from Lebanon’s Foreign Ministry.

“My visit today aims at holding talks with my colleagues from the Lebanese Foreign Ministry as well as Lebanese leadership on ways to bolster bilateral relations, and discussing regional and internationals issues that concern both countries,” said Ming.

He credited the reinvigorated state of Lebanese society to the election of President Michel Aoun as head of State. He added that he expected a new and strong vision for Lebanon.
Ming commented on the new oil wealth discovered in Lebanon’s territorial waters, noting that the true wealth of Lebanon was its people.

“The Lebanese mental capacity never ceased to work, even during the war, to find ways to rebuild what the war has destroyed. This is a thing that is greatly respected and appreciated by the Chinese and all peoples of the world.”