Report: Hizbullah Has Not Demured Aoun’s Trip to Saudi Arabia

Hizbullah assured on Friday that its relations with President Michel Aoun and the Free Patriotic Movement are “firm”, and assured that the party does not demur Aoun’s travel to Saudi Arabia as the first trip the president is scheduled to take abroad, al-Joumhouria daily reported on Friday.

Following the latest reports alleging that Aoun’s scheduled visit to Saudi Arabia has “angered” Iran and “bemused” Hizbullah, party sources recalled the announcement of Hizbullah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah where he said “he has no problem with that,” the sources told the daily on condition of anonymity.

They pointed out to the announcement made by Nasrallah in a public speech, where he assured that “President of the Republic has the right to travel anywhere,” and to choose the country to where his first trip would be.

According to the daily, the sources said they were not entitled to veto “the first, second or third trip of Aoun to Saudi Arabia,” and in return “no one should veto his travel to Syria or Iran.”

“We are in front of a new term. The Lebanese expect it to weave ties in Lebanon’s interest and in the interest of the Lebanese people and in favor of Lebanon’s future with other countries,” the sources continued.

They reaffirmed that relations between the two are firm, saying: “Relations between Hizbullah and President Aoun are steady and full of confidence. A mutual trust between the party and the FPM, and a mutual trust between the President and Nasrallah.”