Judge cancels release of former Lebanon MP

Mount Lebanon’s Accusatory Body Thursday rejected a decision to release former MP Hasan Yaacoub on bail, who is accused of being involved in the kidnapping of Hannibal Gadhafi.

A source told The Daily Star that the head of the body Judge Elias Eid cancelled a decision last week by Mount Lebanon’s Investigative Magistrate Peter Germanos granting Yaacoub and two of his bodyguard’s release.

Eid called on the suspects to remain imprisoned as Germanos revises their case, the source added.

Yaacoub and four others were arrested in December over their alleged involvement in the abduction of Hannibal Gadhafi, the son of slain Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi. Two of the bodyguards were released shortly after.

The younger Gadhafi was abducted by an armed group in Damascus and handed over to Lebanon’s police intelligence.

Hasan’s other brother Hussein was released on bail in March days after his arrest over accusations of involvement in Gadhafi’s kidnapping.

The ex-lawmaker’s mother had gone on a hunger strike in January to protest the arrest, which she later suspended at the request of the Higher Islamic Shiite Council.

Yaacoub has been hospitalized several times since his incarceration over a medical condition. His family has claimed that the former MP was being subjected to mistreatment at Roumieh Prison.

The Yaacoub family blames the late Gadhafi for the 1978 disappearance of their father, Sheikh Mohammad Yaacoub, who was accompanying Shiite Imam Musa Sadr during an official visit to Libya. However, they have continuously denied any involvement in the kidnapping of Hannibal.