(Pics) Israel Prepares Massive Military Drills Simulating Hezbollah Attack

The IDF is about to hold its largest military exercise in nearly 20 years along the border with Lebanon to prepare for a scenario of invasion by Hezbollah to the northern territories of Israel.

Israeli media outlet reported that the largest military drills will take place on Tuesday, along Lebanon border that simulate a Hezbollah attack. This is the first military drill in almost 20 years according to Ynet.

Furthermore, Ynet quoted an Israeli military official Monday saying that the joint exercise, which will begin Tuesday, will involve thousands of ground, sea and air force vehicles and personnel, and will prepare soldiers for “preserving the current stability in the northern sector.”

On condition of anonymity the military official said in line with IDF regulations that the drill will run through for 11 days, from Sept. 4th to Sept. 14th and will incorporate the Israeli entity’s multi-layered missile defense systems, Ynet added.

Israel has expressed its concern about Hezbollah’s alleged stockpiling of weapons in southern Lebanon, and confessed that it regards Hezbollah as the second largest army in the region.